France & Only does not have a catalog.Each experiential is custom-made.We begin from a blank page.

The first lines are those related to your objectives, your needs, and your strategy. Then, it is up to us to add the colors ! We open doors for you that nobody else can have access to.

Your guests do not expect it. We propose to you to leave the ordinary, to break the codes, to organize events and experiences that will remain in your memories and will have a real impact on your activity.
Some examples ?

A corporate convention during the grape harvest

Bordeaux, UNESCO World Heritage Site

150 to 200 people

It is only in Bordeaux that after a half-day seminar in one of the most important cultural places of the city, a boat picks you up at the exit to lead you, a glass in hand, along the vineyards, to one of the biggest names in French wine-growing label. A visit in small groups is given by the very employees who work every day for the quality of the product, before an aperitif at sunset with music, then a sumptuous dinner in a castle’s historic cellars. The next day, meetings move to the territory of another Bordeaux wine label, making it possible to change the main benchmarks of each one to optimize a new way of thinking on the discussed corporate theme. Brainstorming and working sessions are marked by exclusive shared experience: because who has never dreamed of participating in the grape harvest or learning how to assemble his own wine ? An epicurean convention that will remain in all minds…

A meeting with KOL / stakeholders - customers, prescribers, influencers...

Paris-Lyon, our crown jewel

20 people

Paris hides gems within it. A reception dinner, alongside with a great collector who spices up the guests exchanges of the first evening during an exceptional reception in his Parisian apartment is the occasion to check it. The next day, after crossing the beautiful landscapes of France at very high speed, a renowned orchestra conductor receives the group in Lyon for an unprecedented exchange. A new relationship of trust is established between the participants, woven of art and culture, with method and rigor. Multiple tastings and high-level encounters mark a day of discoveries all-round, which ends in an unexpected place privatized for the occasion, in music with a private recital. The next day is an exploration of the luxurious Burgundy vineyards, a meal with a great chef around local specialties and great wine labels, a night in a Relais et Chateaux which your guests will remember for a long time. An exclusive event, from beginning to end.

Top management seminar

The Alps in winter, poetry at the top

Some 50 top executive

Being a manager often means pushing his own limits. Putting it into practice with snow, a climb up to a mountain refuge with a headlamp, snowshoes to feet, for quite an offset first meeting. In the Alps, luxury hotels offer magnificent panoramas that leave the place to calming and breathing, as this seminar is also a moment of resourcing and getting new positive energies. At the same time, it is a moment of surprise, attendees being entitled to an unexpected encounter with a craftsman, actor of these mountains, dairy farmer and cheese maker, who straw under his soles, exchanges with them on his economic model. It is an instructive take-back for managers, a good tool for confronting entrepreneurial issues. The free half-day of skiing or hiking that closes the program will remain in memories. As well as the snow Olympiad, a real customized team building, which is also as playful as strategically effective.

A business convention

Paris, shortcuts

500 participants

An exclusive program for those who thought they had already seen everything in Paris ! In small groups, the participants join one of the jewels of the French museums on foot, with a very original guide who introduces them to the city in a different way. At destination, a treasure hunt around the themes of the company stimulates the skills and the initiatives of each one in the middle of the inspiring creations of great masters. At the end of it, each one discovers with wonder the location of the dinner, a crystal tent illuminated in a courtyard full of history, where a great Parisian caterer has put in taste the subject of the convention. The next day, a multi-modal path introduces the participants to the unexpected resources of Paris along a road-book that leads them from tastings to encounters of craftsmen and relaxing breaks that allow them to enjoy and live the moment. It remains a brand new image of the company : dynamic and open. Photos of Paris by boat or vintage 2CV cars, the memory of a sunset on the most beautiful monuments in the world, a glass of champagne in hand, and then these caricatures of the French Touch, sketched throughout the convention by a local artist complete the dream : a city of Paris, as you have never seen …

An evening of public relations

The off-season French Riviera !

100 to 150 participants

A boat anchored in the bay of Cannes. Guests arriving in groups, depending on the landing time of each attendee. The evening begins with musicians, acrobats, choreographers, composers. Creative people and artists. For a high-level mood and new exchanges. In front of the Mediterranean Sea, the sun sets, eyes as well as taste buds are ready for the party. The reputation of French gastronomy and wines doesn’t need any introduction. But they still generate great surprises, especially when young talented chefs are in charge… The next day, after a magical evening, it is on the Promenade des Anglais that incredible vintage cars come to pick up the guests. The after-party brunch takes place in the garden of a sumptuous villa. Because the Côte d’Azur deserves to be tasted, also, by day.