At the helm of France & Only,two men who know how to sharewhat is good about life and makethe most of it for their clients...

By traveling and exploring the world of gastronomy, Julien Potier has come to this conclusion : Only in France you can find it all.

An extraordinary combination of changing, beautiful and caring nature ; of spectacular man footprints through a diverse and remarkable architecture ; and of a lifestyle so eclectic and harmonious, in all fields… Cyril Megret has refined his passion through wine.

Member of a jury of amateurs for a famous guide of independent winemakers, he has been inspired by encounters and different taste and human experiences that this French exception has offered him.

Both have chosen to put their enthusiasm and discoveries to serve your professional effectiveness.

Experience and Strategy

At first, it is the story of a student encounter. Julien Potier and Cyril Megret met in an international business school. Their event communication agency was born a few years later, in 1999, at the end of their first assignment together.

It manages events, which are as different as its clients are and always, with style, precision, and human-sized approach.

Its main difference from its competitors is its strategic involvement from the first idea prototype to the final carrying out, hand in hand with its clients.

A strong sense of the matching between communication and company, between message and brand, between will and its translation into event.