We are designers ofunique and effectivecorporate travel experiences.Our main asset ? France !And our expertise inenterprise experiential...

What is experiential ? It is a top-level event management, which goes beyond a simple event organization; it is brand new experience to enjoy. Enriched with participation, encounters, unexpected and outstanding moments of life.

It means taking the time to think and to be inspired, a deep breath that leads to inspiration, innovation and optimization. This is what you need today to prepare and design tomorrow.

It is the differentiating tool that will carry your message and make it reach your commercial, strategic, marketing objectives…

We devote the finest lifestyle in the world to serving your communication. Your message passes through France & Only, a team of professionals at your disposal, located in France. Here, in France, better than anywhere else in the world, we can deliver your message efficiently since there is no other country that has made the simple fact of meeting an art !

Emotion and Relevance

Let your audience live enjoyable and unforgettable moments. Customers, journalists, prospects, colleagues, all will associate your brand with what they have shared with you, thanks to France & Only in France !

According to your strategy, we are committed to creating a high-level experience to serve your message, which turns on working and brainstorming sessions in a chosen environment, marked by cultural, gastronomic, bucolic, artistic, unusual activities. Sometimes elitist, other times authentic and simple, always beneficial, always well-being oriented, our proposals always meet your expectations.

Beyond established links, human exchanges, various discoveries, France & Only offers you an exclusive and qualitative corporate tool where emotion harmonizes with economic effectiveness.

During their entire life, they will always remember...

« This barefoot brainstorming under an olive tree in Provence »

« The workshop of this master craftsman who works for the most important brands »

« This inspirational meeting amid the canvases of Great Masters, in one of the main museums of France »

« This cheese tasting on an Alpine meadow »

« This strategic brainstorming on company development with a great artist »

« This chef who speaks about management by dining with us »

« This presentation of a vineyard economic model by a cellar master »

« This initiation to yoga after a market study session »

« This aromatic plants picking with a scientist »

« This surprising, theatrical visit of a magnificent architectural complex »

« This secret recipe sharing in a provincial market »